Professional resume: I need someone to help me polish it. My major is technology

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Hi everyone,

Today I need help polishing my resume to be come more professional. my major is Information Technology, and my focus is system information management, so I want someone pull all the strength that I have in my current resume, fix, and change the vocabulary, and delete unwanted contents.

Please I want a professional to look at my resume and critiuq it and evaluate it and fix it. and re form it to become Assistant Project manager resume and a Manager.

some critiuqes

Resume Writing

Your resume has an objective statement instead of a career summary. An objective is more for a new college grad or someone very early in their career. A career summary is a critical element of your resume and it should be designed to compel the hiring manager to keep reading. The purpose of this section is to define you as a professional and cover those areas most relevant to your career level and job target.

From the way the resume is worded, you come across as a “doer,” not an “achiever.” Too many of your job descriptions are task-based and not results-based. This means that they tell what you did, instead of what you achieved. This is a common mistake for non-professional resume writers. To be effective and create excitement, a great resume helps the hiring executive picture you delivering similar achievements at his or her company. Here are some examples of task-based sentences in your resume:

“Provides technical support to the Library’s Information Technology Division”
“Maintains record of services and lab usage for assessment and planning”

Employers want to know about your previous contributions and specifically how you’ve made a difference. More importantly, they want to know how you are going to make a significant difference at their company.

When I read your resume, I didn’t find compelling language that brings your work to life. I saw many passive words and non-action verbs. Phrases like “maintain” and “provide” are overused, monotonous, and add no value to your resume. Strong action verbs, used with compelling language to outline exemplary achievements, are essential parts of a well-constructed resume. Now, let’s put it all together. Here’s a real life example taken from a former client’s resume. By changing the language, we helped improve the perception of the candidate.

  • Passive language / Doing: Negotiated contracts with vendors
  • Action language / Achieving: Slashed payroll/benefits administration costs 30% by negotiating pricing and fees, while ensuring the continuation and enhancements of services.

A change like this makes a dramatic improvement.

It may not seem obvious, but a regular review of every word and sentence in your resume is a good idea. Hiring managers are looking for an excuse to eliminate you as a candidate. You may not be able to see awkward phrases and grammatical errors if you’ve already spent a lot of time with your own resume.

Digital Readiness

Your resume is 24kb in size. About 12% of resumes are smaller than yours. You have a little room to work with, so if you want to spend some more time on formatting, you can do so and not risk getting filtered out based on size.

Small File Large File

Good news: your resume is saved in a recent version of Microsoft Word. An overwhelming majority of resumes look like yours and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) ? What is an ATS? An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) determines a candidate’s experience by taking into account the contents of a resume and passing it through a proprietary algorithm to return a result.   love it.

  • Doc Filetype64%
  • PDF Filetype19%
  • RTF Filetype8%
  • TXT Filetype7%
  • Other Filetype2%

Resume Scanning Software Litmus Test…

93% of all Hiring Managers use a resume scanning software to filter candidates from the application pool. To illustrate how you stand up to the automation, I passed your resume through the very same software that Hiring Managers use to filter the real talent from the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of candidates that apply for a single open position.

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