Problem Statement

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Now that you’ve selected a topic and problem/issue for your Capstone Project that fits with your personal, professional, and academic goals; you now will think more specifically and deeply about what you have selected. Why this particular topic? What is the problem you are attempting to address and why? Now that you have identified a problem/issue, you need to take the next step and write a fully developed problem statement. For this assignment you will write the problem statement, developing and expanding on the problem that you have identified.

To prepare:

  • Review the “Problem Statement Guidelines” document attached.
  • Review the attached articles related to the topic of special needs and inclusive learning classrooms.
  • Review the justification for the topic of “the effectiveness of inclusive classrooms for special needs/developmental disabilities students.”

The assignment:

In 1-2 pages, respond to the following:

  • Write a problem statement for the problem/issue selected for the Capstone Project.

APA Format. Scholarly writing. No more than 2 pages.

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