Printmaking essay

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I would like you to think about three things in a short, 250 – 500 word essay. That’s about one or two pages, double spaced, maybe in three paragraphs. Do a little research about the print you choose and about the artist to inform your essay and give it some depth. This aspect is vital.

Address these three issues. Please number each point in your essay for ease of grading.

1. Impact. What is the initial impact of this print? Why did you select it?

2. Content. Who was the printmaker and what seems to be the printmaker’s message, point of view, in short, content? What visual or narrative idea does the print convey? This question asks you for some of your own ideas but don’t try to write this answer on the fly, do some basic research.

3. Delivery. How is the message or content or conveyed? How does the image make its point visually? How does the form support the content? Is it through composition and arrangement? Color? (If that applies). Contrast between light and dark? How does the printmaker use the strengths or limitations of the print medium he or she choose, to deliver the content?



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