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I want you to do firstly do a “Cover letter”, “Selection criteria response”, “writing article around 300 words for one minute video”

cuz I have done ‘resume’ which is attached below. In addition, you can make a story it’s like applying for blizzard (game company that I like) or any other interesting company. This is just assessment. I don’t care.


Task Description: For this assessment item you are required to prepare an Employment Application for either one of the sample positions outlined in the Study Guide, OR a vacant position that is relevant to the career you intend to pursue. If you opt for a position of your choosing, you must have this approved by your tutor, and then submit a copy of the position description with your assignment.  

Although there are various styles and templates used to create an effective résumé and cover letter, your Employment Application must conform to the specific format and guidelines outlined in the Study Guide.  

Your assignment must comprise of the following written components, each starting on a new page but contained within the one WORD doc or docx: 1. Cover/ application letter; 2. Résumé/curriculum vitae, as per the prescribed format; 3. Statement addressing one (1) selection criterion, which is based on communication skills.  

You are also required to record a one-minute video of yourself, in which you are to assume you are being interviewed for the position, and you have been asked the following question:  ‘Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you have applied for this position?’  


• Your video must be in standard video file format (i.e. wmv, Mp4, .mov) and be no more than 50MB in size.  

• If your video is over-size, or cannot be viewed/opened because of its format, you will receive zero marks for this part of your Employment Application.   

Task Length:  

Cover/application letter: no more than one (1) page  

Résumé/CV: no more than three (3) pages

Selection criteria response: 500 words (+/-10%)  

Video: One minute (+/-10%) in duration; no more than 50MB in file size  

Assessment Criteria:  

Produce written communication for the purposes of obtaining employment or informing others.  

Communicate using professional language and appropriate formats, with consideration given to context and audience factors.  

Present information in an oral format, with consideration given to nonverbal communication and audience factors.

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