Prepare A Speech

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For this assignment, you will prepare and write a delivery outline for a persuasive or informational speech.


  1. Review the steps for preparing and delivering an effective speech that you explored in the textbook and in the learning activities.
  2. Prepare a four to six page persuasive or informational essay on a topic of your choice.
    • Essay (Word document)
  3. Use the following checklist to ensure that your speech is effective:
  • Choose a topic that is relevant and interesting to your audience, with a clear purpose.
  • Ensure that you adequately research your topic.
  • Include an introduction that gains attention and orients the audience.
  • Be sure that your speech is clear, vivid, appropriate, well-organized, and powerful.
  • Be sure that each main point is supported adequately.
  • Create a speech with personal style by asking direct questions and creating immediacy.
  • Be sure that your conclusion summarizes your thesis and provides closure.

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