Prepare a narrative 10-slide PowerPoint summarizing a SWOT Analysis of the attached Case Study.

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    • 10 Slide Powerpoint!
    • Review Chapter 8 on how to give healthcare presentations, also see attached PowerPoint (Harrison, 2016).
    • In your PowerPoint, provide a cover page (see Sample Paper).
    • To support your rationale, provide a reference page using three peer-reviewed sources (see Sample Paper), and the textbook.
    • The PowerPoint should follow the SESC format of state, explain, support, and conclude.
  • Review the Rubric to maximize points.
  • First, decide on your thesis statement.
  • Second, use concept mapping as a way to engage in critical thinking; this helps describe ideas about a topic in a pictorial form (use this framework in your draft paper).
  • Third, use metacognition (thinking about how you will approach the research).
  • Fourth, use Google Scholar or the NSU online library to locate peer-reviewed journal articles. After you have researched several journals, use literature mapping to provide visual pictures to group literature topics that illustrate how your research will add to the existing knowledge of literature (use this framework in your draft paper) (Creswell & Creswell, 2019).
  • Then, as you formulate your ideas into metacomprehension, you can begin to write the PowerPoint presentation for Individual Assignment 1; remember the focus of your paper should include Comprehensive Health Planning concepts.

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