PPT about any TED talks that related to Happiness

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I want you to do PPT about any TED talks that related to Happiness (except these TED talks subject on the attached paper)

  • So find any TED Talks out of these subject list (see the attached file that includes all the subjects that already taking by other students, and your job here to find TED talks related to Happiness not yet taking.
  • Then, make a Power Point Presentation about any TED Talks.
  • The PPT must be about 5-6 slides.
  • Along with the PPT you should right an outline for each slid.
  • Please follow the instructions on the below carefully for the TED Talks Presentation:

You need to do:

■ an outline for 5-6 slides, these outlines will be considered as 6 minute talks presentation.

■ Give full title of talk, and speaker’s name (and credentials about the speakers) during the talk. Also give main point/argument of the talk, along with key points made.

■ Tell whether you recommend (or don’t recommend) for the talk and why.

■ Be engaging and interesting in summarizing the talk.

This work must be done within 3 days from now.


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