power point, advocacy pitch, for Mental/Public Health Issues with Juveniles

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As a scholar-practitioner, you may have the opportunity to advocate for an issue (Mental/Public
Health Issues with Juveniles) before a senator, congressional representative, special interest group, or others who could help to advance your recommended intervention. How will you ensure that your message is communicated effectively?

When you interact with influential politicians and other leaders, you may have only a few minutes to present your case. You must be prepared to communicate in a clear, succinct, and persuasive manner and provide evidence to support your argument. Projecting a professional image will encourage others to take your message seriously. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the details of your appearance; speak with a calm, confident tone of voice, and select high-quality visuals to support your presentation.

For this final project component, you create a 5-minute advocacy pitch to a target audience of your choosing.

create the contents for your advocacy pitch, using the primer as a guide. As directed in the primer, be sure to consider the role of ethics as you create the contents of your pitch. (In the Week 11 Discussion, you will discuss the ethical theory that guided your work in the advocacy pitch.) Also identify at least two scholarly sources that you will cite to better support the need for policy change

Be sure that your advocacy pitch synthesizes the following:

  • State your background and affiliation.
  • Frame the public health issue to a specific course of action.
  • Articulate multidisciplinary points that are most impactful to the issue or population(s) affected, citing at least two scholarly resources that emphasize these points.
  • Specify why you are bringing this public health issue to his/her/their attention and identify opportunities to help.

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