Portfolio for stocks (Powerpoint and Word Document)

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During the last week of the semester, you will submit a brief report and make a
presentation. The presentation and report will describe what stocks you traded in during
the game period (name of the company and ticker symbol), the criteria you used to buy
or sell particular stocks (in particular, you need to highlight what you learned during the
course to improve your trading performance), a note on your overall performance, and
if you would do anything different in future trading to further improve your

(11) Your project grade will be based primarily on how thorough you were in your analysis
of the stocks you chose and the portfolio you formed, and not on the performance of your
portfolio. Remember that I am more interested in whether you applied the concepts and
not so much in how well your portfolio did.

(12) You will gain the most out of this project if you think as if you have invested your own
$100,000 for this project. Think about how careful you would be if it was your own
money and use that same caution and prudent judgments in making your trading
decisions. All of us make mistakes, but it is better to make mistakes with fake money
rather than real money, and this project provides you an opportunity to learn from your
mistakes for your future investments.

Please do a powerpoint and report on this project

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