Political Parties Platform (3-4 pages) Describe the similarities and differences in the two documents.

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Political Parties Assignment – Essay

party’s “platform” is its official statement of beliefs and values.
Most members of a political party – including its elected officials – have
never read their party’s platform. A widely-held view among campaign
professionals and political consultants is that a party’s platform can never
help its candidates, but can hurt them if it contains provisions that are
considered controversial by swing voters.

professor’s view is that party platforms are generally written by the most
conservative Republicans and the most liberal Democrats – since those are the
only party members devoted enough to hang around party conventions long enough
to argue and vote on the platform provisions.

Do party platforms really
mean anything? Is there really any difference?

the 2014 platforms of the Republican Party of Texas and the Texas Democratic
Party. You can get them from the state party websites:



Write a brief essay (3 – 5
pages double-spaced…). Describe the similarities and differences in the two
documents. Most importantly, tell me what you would use from each party’s
platform in a campaign AGAINST its candidates if you were working for the other

in Word. Cite your sources.

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