Please write one page and one slide on power point for the solutions!

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Hello there! Could you please write one page and one slide on power point for the solutions!

Here’s the case and also some questions that are matters in the case. The questions are answered by a tutor here yesterday.

Here’s the outline from my team, and you just have to read it and answer the last one.


  • Case summary/situation
  • Problem
  • Problem Context (4 Vs)
    • Why did this tragedy occur?
    • What is the ‘root cause(s) of this disaster?
    • Why did the participants behave as they did?
  • Process map
    • Is it a shop or production line?
    • Batch or continuous process?
  • Evaluation of leaders
    • What is your evaluation of Scott Fischer and Rob Hall as leaders?
    • Were they ‘Managers’? Should they have been?
  • Is this inevitable?
    • Are tragedies like this just inevitable on Mount Everest and similar environments – or could some of the lessons of Operations and Supply Chain Management be helpful (Be specific)?
  • Lessons for Operations Managers
    • Problems: leadership and decision making, the flexibility with the nature of systems.
    • Team member relationship
    • The training system
    • Plan ahead with considering any possible situations and preparing ahead.)
  • Comparison to business situation
    • Can you compare Mount Everest in 1996 to a business situation? (Try to use both Operating systems concepts and S-T-S theory to develop your analysis and recommendations.)
    • What changes would you make to the Operating System and the Organizational Structure to increase the ‘profitability’ of the ‘Climbing Mt. Everest Business’?
    • Can it be scaled up?
  • Solutions
    • Come up with brilliant ideas

Here’s what I want you to work on please “Solutions *Come up with brilliant ideas”

Thank you in advance,

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