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In any type of relationship their are different stages we go through, and if important stages aren’t maintained such as integrating and bonding a relationship can begin to dissolve. Once a relationship has plateaued and each individual isn’t putting much effort in; we naturally start to grow apart. Our textbook breaks it down in stages of circumscribing, stagnating, avoiding, and terminating. Circumscribing means the individuals are reducing contact with each other, and it can become problematic if the focus is on separation instead of integration. Stagnating is when the relationship becomes boring and stagnate, and no growth occurs and behavior turns into a routine with no feelings expressed. The next phase of a dissolving relationship is avoiding. Some people will make excuses to not be around one another which leads to little to no interaction which results in parting ways. The final stage is terminating, by which the individual may end the relationship completely in many ways of communication such as leaving a note, via text, phone call, or meeting for a final goodbye to officially break up and dissolve the relationship.

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