Please clean up powerpoint

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Please clean up this Power Point Presentation It must pop and be a presentation equivalent to Master Level Work.

I have attached the necessary chapters to be utilized from the text book. You must utilize both the notes section and slides. Please do not arbitrarily place in text citation where they don’t belong.

The original instructions to the assignment are listed below and must include each bullet point and include text book and two additional oustside sources:

Develop a plan of action that you or another teacher could use to assist that students. Include at minimum the following:

Please use attached text as well as two additional outside source. All work should be in APA 6TH Edition

Please advise if you need my prior week’s work to build off of.

Please use PowerPoint, for the plan. The plan should be a minimum 12 slides excluding cover page and reference page.

Student Background

  • Level of cognitive development as described by Piaget
  • Exceptionalities (disabilities, giftedness) (I would prefer Gifted and Talented students with ADD or ADHD)
  • Linguistic issues (ELL)
  • Socioeconomic and family status (poverty or affluence) (I would prefer a two parent income with financial difficulties over the past few years due to job loss and/or job change and change in housing: ie: going from living in 2000 sf house to living with in-laws)
  • Level of motivation
  • Behavioral problems (Be sure to discuss the hormonal changes of pre-teen to teen)
  • Other factors limiting success (divorce, death of parent, health issues, etc.)

Suggested Instructional and Behavioral Strategies

  • Based upon your knowledge of learning theories and practical applications, develop a plan of action to improve student outcomes.
  • Using a Christian worldview perspective, describe how you would create an individual instructional and behavioral plan for the identified student.

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