Personnel Psychology Project Report

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Imagine that you work in Human Resources for a large city. You have been given the assignment of designing a selection process for First-Line Supervisor of Food Preparation and Service Workers. Note that this is a managerial position, and that there are hundreds of workers in the school cafeterias, many who may be eligible to apply for this promotion.

Describe, and justify (logically and with citations) the steps you would follow to do this assignment. Use the guidelines you were given for your final project papers to help you (although you can eliminate a table of contents, and any tables that were recommended previously). Those documents are attached below. Be sure to describe and explain what information you used to recommend each step. Be sure to include the following, and your reasons/justifications for each.

  • how you will do the job analysis/competency modeling (what method? Who will participate? Etc.
  • how you will establish Minimum Qualifications
  • recruiting strategies, and why you recommend them
  • selection procedures and why you recommend each

Papers will be graded on :


Is each part of the assignment explained thoroughly?

Is relevant research cited?


Are the proper steps followed? Are the recommendations logical?

Are there any mistakes/misunderstandings in the answers?


Is the response logically constructed?

Is the writing readable, clear and concise?

Is spelling, grammar, punctuation, APA style, and word choice at a

graduate level, and free of errors?

*Note: you do not have to include information about performance management or training and development here and you do not have to do a job description. Also no table of contents and no tables.

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