personal financial report

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You will create an imaginary person (or future yourself), and you
will work as a personal financial counselor for the person. The final paper will be a
professional-quality brochure to your client. You must use tables and figures effectively to show supporting evidence (data) of your recommendations. Co-work is not
Proposal: You should submit a two-page proposal. On the first page, put the title,
name, email address, then describe the profile of the fictional person you created in a
table format. On the second page, state the financial problems that you are helping
with using tables and bullet points to present them clearly. You must list at least 3
problems to solve. Examples are personal/corporate tax problems, real estate, small
business financing, auto insurance, home owners/renters insurance, life insurance, retirement planning, health insurance, and annuity, etc. State each problem in detail
in a table format relating it with the person’s situation.
Final report: The 2-page proposal will be the cover page of the final report. Max
15 pages including tables, figures, and references. Write a full report for the person for the various financial needs you described in the proposal. For each financial
problem, your report must include (1) a table that describes the details of possible
solutions, (2) a table to compare several solutions for each financial problem, and
(3) supporting arguments with tables or graphs for the best solution you chose. It
must be personalized advise rather than a general guide. The report should be based
on associated data and actual quotes from real companies wherever possible using
the exact characteristics of the client. It must clearly show the estimated monetary
benefit of the recommended solution over the other options. This may require you
to do some research into likely career and life paths of the fictional character and
related financial earnings and risk. The evaluation will assess completeness of data,
reasonableness of recommendations, effectiveness of presentation, and professionalism of the final document. You may not use financial planning software packages or
commercially-marketed planning software for your report. It needs to be your own
unique document. Submitting a report using a commercial product will render the 3
project invalid.

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