Pauls view of faith vs. good works, social science homework help

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The question is a discussion type question and should be answered in APA style format with a 200 minimum word count and a maximum of 300 words. It should be answered using Times New Roman 12 font.

Use only the source that has been uploaded and it is imperative to cite when neccessary.

Harris, S. L. (2015). The New Testament: A student’s Introduction (8th ed.). McGraw-Hill Publishing.


Paul clearly emphasizes God’s grace, Jesus’ work on
the cross and the role of faith in our justification (see, for example, Rom. 2:
28-29; 3:23-24; Gal. 2:16-21). But does this mean that Paul completely rejects
the importance of works in the Christian life? What role do you think good
works play in the life of a Christian in Paul’s mind?

Thanks and let me know if the attachment came through.

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