partial marketing plan : 2. Situation Analysis 2.1 Internal Analysis 2.2 External Analysis

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1. Use subheadings to group the following functional areas as strengths and/or weaknesses:

(1) Company-Marketing (including brands, brand strategies, product portfolio)

(2)Company-Manufacturing (Production or Service Process)


(4)Company-Research and Development

(5)Company-Human Resources

(6)Company-Information Systems/Technology


(8)Marketing Intermediaries




2. External Analysis / Macro-environmental Analysis / Environmental Scan

  • Use subheadings to group the following factors as opportunities or threats:
  • (1)Demographic trends

    (2)Economic forces

    (3)Natural environmental forces

    (4)Technological forces

    (5)Political/Regulatory forces

    (6)Cultural trends

    3. [For partial marketing plan]

    For every area discussed, consider how S/W/O/T impact the organization’s ability to serve its customers

    ** notes for Situational Analysis:

    • Use tables to summarize the situational analysis as an Appendix
    • Discussion should be contained in the body of the report
    • For every area discussed, explicitly identify whether it is a strength, weakness, opportunity, and/or threat.
    • References page should include all sources cited in the report, including the case study if you cite from it.
    • The reference page should appear before the appendices.
    • Tables to be included in Appendices (for the partial plan – only #1 Situational Analysis-SWOT table:


    Page limit, Appendices, References, Formatting and Presentation (5%)

    • Overall organization and appearance:
    • Includes title page, table of contents, main report, references, and appendices
    • Use of appropriate graphics & diagrams
    • Clarity of expression:
    • If the report contains more than 3 spelling, grammatical, and/or punctuation errors marks will be deducted.
    • Citations and referencing:
    • The reference page is to include all workers of other individuals, including course notes, textbooks, journals, periodicals, etc.
    • Must use American Psychological Association (APA) citation style.

    Page limit: All material of the main report presented beyond the page limit will have 2 marks deducted per excess page (except for the references, appendices).

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