part 4 Topic 1 DQ 1.2

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references.

Each individual have their own “worldview”. It is defined as the person’s complete view of the world around them (GCU, 2015). Thus, this perspective affects the essence of science and religion when the society begins to talk about it. A classic example of this comparison that I think that creates tension to the people is the creation of man. For those people who’s worldview is towards religion, they believe that God created humans to exist, having Adam and Eve as the first humans created. Whereas for those people who’s worldview is towards science, it pertains to the Evolution of Man, pertaining to Darwin’s theory that humans being descended from apelike ancestors.

In addition, when science and religion is being applied to healthcare, it affects the outcome of the patient’s recovery to optimum health and thus creates tension. An example of this is due to the westernized ideas of modern medicine (being related to science), contradicts the use of herbal medicine (can be based on religious beliefs in someone’s culture).

As it is described in the lecture, modern science may be elevated in healthcare, however poses a weakness: The science’s inability to make moral or ethical judgments (GCU, 2015). This aspect can only be determined through religion, by spirituality. In the article called, “The role of spirituality in health care”, it is discussed that spirituality is part of compassionate care and serves the whole person. Furthermore, physicians become part of their patient’s care by addressing their spirituality and how it can have the effect on mortality, coping, and recovery (Puchalski, 2001).


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