Paper on Windows 7

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  • 5-6 Page Paper
  • Minimum 1250 words
  • APA Format
  • Times New Roman
  • Size 12 font
  • Needs to have an introduction, 5 body paragraphs, and a conclusion
  • Needs 4 Online references and 1 book reference
  • Paper is on Windows 7 Operating System
  • Covering
    • Introduction
      • What is an Operating System and what does it do
      • When was Windows 7 released
    • Body1
      • History of Windows 7
    • Body2
      • Security feature 1, offered in Windows 7
        • Data Execution Prevention
          • The Types of Data Execution Prevention
    • Body3
      • Security feature 2, offered in Windows 7
        • Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection
    • Body4
      • Security feature 3, offered in Windows 7
        • Windows Defender
    • Body5
      • Shortcomings of Windows 7
        • High RAM needed
        • Hard for new users to pick up
        • No driver support for older systems and mother boards
    • Conclusion
      • Windows 7 is a great operating system
        • Reiterate some of the good security features
        • Reiterate some of the cons/shortcomings
        • End with something about it being a solid operating system

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