Outcome #1 Analysis of Business Idea

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You will select an idea or proposal from a business organization with which you are familiar. A business idea or proposal might be a specific goal or tactic as documented in a strategic plan; a new product launch, as documented by a press release or other publication; a relocation or expansion of the business, as documented in press releases, web sites, etc; an internal initiative such as a new training plan, as documented in memos or proposals.

You must have a specific published document, website, proposal, presentation, or other artifact to analyze; it must be cited and referenced appropriately. The artifact chosen must promote the business idea, a specific argument related to the business, or make a claim as to a proposed outcome for a particular action or strategy. It must include examples of the following:

• Facts
• Inferences
• Inductive Reasoning
• Deductive Reasoning
• Fallacies

If you cannot locate an appropriate artifact or document, consult with your mentor about alternatives.

You will compose a written analysis of the artifact that clearly and concisely identifies at least one example of each of the above elements. The single exception is deductive reasoning; if the artifact does not employ deductive reasoning, you may include in the analysis a discussion of how deductive reasoning could be applied to its topic.

The analysis will include a discussion of whether each of the above advances the argument or undermines the argument. Whenever an aspect of the artifact undermines its argument, you must show how it could be improved (for example, by replacing a fallacy with a statement of fact). The analysis will conclude with a summary of the overall effectiveness of the artifact in promoting the idea, argument, or proposed outcome.

The written analysis will be at least five (5) pages long; the title page, abstract page and reference page do not count in the at least five (5) page long count.

A successful deliverable should include a title page in APA format 6th edition; an abstract page in APA format 6th edition; at least five (5) pages of body in APA format 6th edition with all the elements needed and as described for Outcome #1; and a reference page that is in APA format 6th edition. You should have at least two (2) references for this deliverable; anything less than this is unacceptable and needs to be reworked.

In addition to the appropriate citation and reference format for the artifact being analyzed, any other claims or information included that go beyond common knowledge must be cited and referenced.

Finally, you will write a reflection on the relative effectiveness of your analysis, including specific lessons learned and recommendations for improvement.

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