Organizational Theory Week 2 Question

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Theme 1

What is meant by the study
of organizational theory, what are the classifications of organizational theory
and their precepts and what can we learn from its history?


Part One

Create a time line of Organizational
Theories (schools) showing the precepts of each theory/school. Then in a
summary paragraph compare the various theories on the time line identifying the
trends of perspective that are illustrated by the time line.

Part Two

Businesses to continue to
succeed must always maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The
key to doing this has changed over the last century as is illustrated in our
discussion in week one of the 21st century business challenges.
Using your time line explain how the change in obtaining a competitive edge is
reflected in the change of organizational theory over the last century?

THEME TWO: The change of
value regarding human resource to the organization coupled with technology is
shifting the design of organizations towards “boundaryless” and flat
organizational structures.


Search the Internet and
find an example of a boundaryless or flat organization explain how it is human
resource centric.

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