organizational behaviour portfolio help need

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i need help with 3 parts in my portfolio, first is to fix grammars of a summary that i wrote. i will provide textbook.

second one need help:

•Reflection on Assessments/Exercises in textbook

•Description of a Job experience that links to an OB(textbook) concept (mini case)

The textbook and the slides associated with the text book have a number of assessments and learning about your self exercises. Each of these provide an opportunity to learn about yourself and your interaction with others.

•There is no real minimum or maximum for this. You could do technically do all them, and do so in a manner the exercise has no value, or you could do one and have it be of tremendous value.

•You might do many small multiple write ups, or you may do one bigger one.

•~ 5 Assessments and/or exercises is probably the minimum (though these would have to be well chosen)

•It is important that the Assessments are completed, but you are free to discuss exercises

third one need help:

•Connect current media stories to OB concepts

•Briefly describe why in 3-5 sentences

•The whole article should be included in the appendix

•One article can be linked to your group project

•Encourage you to choose articles from material that will be tested as it will help you study.

•The links provided on the next slide provide an indication of the type or articles that are acceptable.

•Read the links and see if you can guess what topic I think it relates to.


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