organisational culture

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Question 1

a Identify and discuss tactics a leader can use to influence internal and external stakeholders based on the different sources of power available to them.

[6 Marks]

b Discuss the possible impact of these tactics on the organisation’s culture.

[9 Marks]

Question 2

a Discuss the statement ‘Increasingly teams have become a feature of organisational structures’.

[6 Marks]

b Explain why teams have a high failure rate.

[4 Marks]

Question 3

Answering the following questions:

a Discuss the impact of social responsibility, social obligation and social responsiveness on an organisation’s performance. Support your answer with examples.

[8 Marks]

b Based on your answer in part a, explain how you would measure their impact.

[3 Marks]

c What role do these three (3) features play for the sustainable development of the organisation?

[4 Marks]

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