Operation Seduction Chapter 7 Composition II Discussion help

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Reflect on the assigned reading in section 7.1, “Operation Seduction,” of Chapter 7. (attached)

  • In preparation for this week’s Critical Thinking Assignment, introduce a concept, related to a specific community to which you belong, that might also end up being a key concept in your research project.
  • For example, if you were writing a Portfolio Project on commercial zoning of farmland in your local community, you could examine either the concept of “sprawl” or “social capital.”
  • Explain why you chose the concept: who it affects, what makes it a central concept in your particular community, and how it relates to your portfolio project.
  • Include 2 credible sources related to the concept.

Response should be brief and only detail the questions asked. This is a sample response from my professor:

“One community I belong to is that of caregivers of those with Dementia.  The concept related is Euthanasia.  The question is whether it is ethical to implement euthanasia when quality of life hits rock bottom for those with Dementia.  The person in question is my mother in law.  She was diagnosed over five years ago and the road has been quite difficult for everyone involved.  My partner keeps saying he just hopes she dies in her sleep instead of deteriorating to an awful state.  Here in the Netherlands they do allow euthanasia with a doctor but it is tricky with dementia because the person no longer has a say.  They also say that quality of life is different in the eyes of the person with dementia.  I know my mother in law has a strong will to live if only just to see her son one more time.  It is a difficult issue.  Barbara “

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