operation management 55

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Individual paper & Demonstration

All information presented at the Drop files.

1. READ THE ASSIGNED CHAPTER for Quality Management (7 Concepts of TQM) prior to completing your paper.

2. CHOOSE A COMPANY: Individually (or, as co-authors, if approved), you will choose a company to analyze relative to Quality Management. Please consider your career path

3. PREPARE A RESEARCH/ANALYSIS PAPER (Due Week 4): You will prepare a paper according to the guidelines presented on the assignment sheet.  Papers will vary in length according to student writing styles, although comprehensive analysis is likely to require a minimum of Qty. 8-10 pages.  Please use headers to section your paper exactly as noted on the assignment sheet, otherwise your paper is likely to be returned to you uncorrected. You will forfeit your points.  APA Format: Please see the APA Publication Manual or the library website for guidelines. Reminder: If the content of the paper is not your original thought, or your original findings, you must cite the source appropriately.  Research: In preparation for Section 3, you will want to expand your research from your chosen company, to other companies that have also applied TQM concepts in a manner similar/complementary to your own ideas.

4.. PREPARE A “Teaser Madness” Demonstration (Due Week 4): For your demonstration, please be prepared with visual aids (e.g. company product/samples/processes) to teach us about quality management at this company, as it relates to the textbook concepts (7 Concepts of TQM). You will be allotted 2-3 minutes for your demonstration. Q&A will follow after demonstrations. Please teach us about this particular organization (case) as it relates to the class concepts.

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