Online Discussion 3: Journalism Activity – DUE 11:00PM

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Online Discussion #3 Directions: After you post your response, please reply to two other online discussions posted by your classmates. You are required to solely use your textbook and Chapter 4 documents from Chapter 4 (under Files) for the discussion. The more details and examples you use to write your responses, the more points you will likely get. You are graded on the originality of your response, the depth, and analysis you bring to this assignment. Same applies to your peer responses. Refrain from one sentence responses. Follow up with additional thoughts, or if you think you could make a historical connection to an idea, or add substance to something, that is also okay. Be sure responses are in your own words, and the same goes for responding to other student’s responses. Originality is important, and I implore you not to copy the text verbatim. Please remember to be respectful when responding to someone else’s discussion. Rude or inappropriate language will not be tolerated, and you will get a 0 for that discussion.

The Activity:

Online Discussion 3 (Journalism Activity):

We are going to take a journalistic approach for this week’s Online Discussion (#3). For Chapter 4, assume the role of a journalist of the time covering national (and global) events throughout the United States and elsewhere. You could focus on a major event, theme, or historical figure(s), or multiple. However, to avoid being vague, you will be graded on the amount of details and the quality of the writing. I have included documents for you to use throughout your article. Please be sure to use at least one map and primary source from Chapter 4 that I attached in FilesàModule A. Questions to keep in mind as you write from a journalistic perspective: Who are you and what paper would you write for? Male or female? Please respond to two other Online Discussion Posts. Maybe you could write to the editor. Should be fun! This Online Discussions allows you to get creative, while at the same time continuing to use the same approach for previous online discussions. Continue to cite throughout your reporting (i.e. Map A, Map B, Cato’s Letter, Olaudah Equiano).

Online Discussion Question to answer (you do not have to answer all of them):

  1. a) How did African Slavery differ regionally in 18th C N. America?
  2. b) How did the Spanish and French empires develop in the 18th as discussed in the Chapter?
  3. c) What could you say about Native American and white relations at the time?

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