New Hire Training Program

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You are working as an Operations Manager
for a growing company. The company has plans to develop several new
products over the next five years and is currently hiring new graduates
to help with this endeavor. These graduates have either Marketing or
Engineering degrees, and may not have taken any operations classes. You
have been asked by the Vice President of Human Resources to develop one
of the modules for their training. Be sure the training keeps your
audience in mind. You may use any medium that you choose, including
written, visual, audio, or a combination of media. The goal is to
deliver a self-driven training.

Develop a module that will
allow the new hire to gain an understanding of the impact of product
design on operations and supply chain strategy. The module should be
a length of 6 to 10 slides.

Explain the importance of
the product design process and how the connection of designing new
products can impact the production processes.

Describe various
techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Be
sure to give a specific example that uses a quality tool or technique
so the new hire can grasp this application.

Diagram the components of
the distribution or logistics operation of your company and identify
technology upgrades that the company may be considering in the next five
years to enhance operations as it applies for any of the components.

Cite at least two academic resources consistent with APA guidelines.

Note: a Reference page can be submitted along with any media you used.

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