Neuroplasticity Video Discussion

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1.    Julia noticed that her five-year old son’s legs are bowing out and he complains that it hurts to stand or walk for more than 5 minutes at a time.  (Below is an x-ray of his legs). When asked what the boy does during the day, Julia replies that he spends most of his time at home, playing video games and drinking soda. What might be the cause of the child’s problems and how might it be treated?

X-ray of child's legs, showing significant bending

2.   Using proper directional anatomy terminology but no names of any bones or their surface features, create your own description of a bone of the axial skeleton.

In your response to two other people’s descriptions, state what bone you think they are describing and why you think that is true.

For example, if I wanted to describe the humerus (which is not an axial bone), I might say: which bone possess a smooth knob at its proximal end, forms a joint with two other bones at its distal end, and moves when someone goes from the anatomical position to scratching their nose.

3.   A bacteria produces a toxin that prevents acetylcholine (ACh) from being released by motor neurons. What consequence would this have at the molecular level at a neuromuscular junction? What would be the symptoms someone might experience if they have an infection of this bacteria in their left arm?

4.   Albon is a 45 year-old male who characterizes himself as a “couch potato.” He exercises infrequently and has a rounded abdomen (beer belly). While helping a friend move some heavy furniture, he felt a sharp pain deep within his abdominopelvic cavity. An emergency room resident showed Albon that there was now a small bulge near the border between the pelvic region and his right thigh (inguinal region). What condition is Albon probably suffering from and how might his poorly developed abdominal musculature have contributed to it?

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