Negative Impacts of Microwave Radiation

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I need a written to do a research paper, 7 pages including references page double space,  Times New Roman. the research  has to be done by 19 Tuesday night. the research is argument research SO i need to convince my professor about the Negative impacts of microwave ridition . I have written 2 pages will submit them with the refrences but my professor wanted me to fix it. she said about my introduction is good start so try to use some of my introduction and fix it to be simpler in words the paper i wrote wasn’t my idea i just tried to paraphrased words from the article ill submit that to you it might make it clear for you  . also, it is MlA formatting. here is my professor comment so try to follow it. she said that

“( make the language simpler and more user-friendly. Taking material directly from the Internet is something we have talked about so many times. And you should know this. Your paper should be 75%  your ideas, supported by a small amount of research in the form of quotes. I have said this so many times in class. If you turn in a draft with no ideas of your own, you are not doing what I specifically asked everyone to do. Your paragraphs should support your thesis idea –which is is good one–but you cannot expect me to accept scientific writing as a first draft with no ideas of your own. Do not change your topic. Rather, convince me that you have your own idea developed (by doing the writing yourself) then give me some of the scientific evidence you have here as support. Okay? …)”
the refrencese are ; 
 Heat and mass transport during microwave heating of mashed potato in domestic oven-model development, validation, and sensitivity analysis.” Journal of Food Science, 10, 2014: E1991-E2004.

“Repeated exposure to low-level extremely low frequency-modulated microwaves affects cortex-hypothalamus interplay in freely moving rats: EEG study.” International Journal of Radiation Biology, May 2010: 376-383.

“Pathophysiology of microwave-induced traumatic brain injury.” Biomedical Reports, 2 April  2015: 468-472.

understanding Microwaves allan w, scott
above, 5 references and will submitt the 4 articles+ the intro that i already wrote it n drop file. the fifth reference  you need to read the beginning of the book and try to cite from it in the first or second point. try to use the references to support my idea but the  references  should not be copy pased it should be in your words .

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