Need psychology help with Week 7 summary about the End of Learning Reflection

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This assignment has an example attachment to follow and also my journal entries so you can see what I wrote. You can also do your own research to make mine better if you want. The information in the journal entries are what the week 7 summary is summarized from.

I have highlighted the topics. Let me know if you have any questions.


End of Learning Reflection Journal Summary: During Week 7 of the course, after
completing your Week 7 last weekly Learning Reflection Journal entry,
you will compile all of your journal writings into a single document,
with each of the journal entries separated by a heading with the date of
each entry’s earlier week submission (this must correspond with the
assignment screen’s submission date stamp for each, and place at the end
of the document two journal summary paragraphs, 400 words in length
combined. One paragraph should note the 2 topics that you most enjoyed learning about and why and the second should note which of the real world occurrences you found most noteworthy and why.

This is a reflection on your learning experience assignment calling for
your perspectives on the meaning of information learned and curiosities
peaked during the learning experience, which can be inspired by but
must not be only a summary of information covered in the course
readings.  Grading is based on whether each week’s journal entry and the
summary paragraphs are minimum length compliant and the journal meets
the above other requirements.


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