Need philosophy help on God being omniscient

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1.  To say God is
omniscient is to say that he knows everything, and to know everything clearly
implies knowing the future. God cannot know the future unless he knows how one
will decide in every situation long before the decision takes place, and if God
knows this, then the decision could not have been otherwise. Yet, if humans
have free will, they have the power of choice. Choice implies the ability to do
more than one thing in a given situation, which implies that whatever decision
is reached could have been otherwise. It follows that either God is not
omniscient or humans do not have free will. (O: God is omniscient; E: God knows
everything; K: God knows the future; B: God knows decisions beforehand; Q:
Decisions could have been otherwise; F = Humans have free will; D = Humans can
do more than one thing in a given situation)

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