Need marketing help with 2 questions about an international marketing plan due in 24 hours

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You will soon be presenting your international marketing plan to the board of directors of EduTot using a professional PowerPoint presentation. Devote the time needed to properly review, revise, and edit your work. Create a presentation 15 to 17 slides complete with speaker notes (300 to 350 words for each slide) that flows nicely and smoothly and that includes the following items:

  • title slide
  • executive summary
  • introduction
  • country market selection
  • country market environmental analysis
  • country market competitive environment
  • marketing objective
  • target market
  • product strategy
  • distribution strategy
  • communication strategy
  • pricing strategy
  • conclusions
  • references (insert APA references in the notes section of the PowerPoint)

assignment 2

Organizational structures must change to accommodate a firm’s evolving internationalization in response to global competition. The design of an organization’s structure and managerial functions should take into account the company’s strategy, size, international experience and environment of the international landscape. To better understand international organizations’ evolving structure, student will develop a 5-7 page research paper on any publicly traded multinational Corporation (MNC) according to the following guidelines and topics.

Grading Criteria:

  1. The student will research and describe the current organization structure of the at the company’s home office.
  2. The student will research, describe and discuss the organizational structure of the company’s international division.
  3. The student will identify and discuss the company’s international strategy and business environment and its influence on its international organizational structure.
  4. The student will analyze the company’s international structure and recommend changes necessary to execute its strategy and attain its corporate mission.
  5. The student will apply the correct APA guidelines and insure grammatical and spelling correctness.
  6. The student is required to support the information with at least four scholarly sources such as Journals, research studies, government or accredited educational institution Web sites

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