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You have a friend that is not technologically savvy. He comes to you in need of help because he wants to purchase a new computer to use while in college. He knows very little about computers and software.

Project Guidelines

  • Your project will be a typed business style report which includes the following features:
    • A cover page (Insert RibbonàCover Page button)
    • A design theme (Design RibbonàThemes button)
    • A style set (Design RibbonàStyle Set styles are to the right of the Themes button)
    • Styles for section headings (Home RibbonàStyles group)
      • Example: Use the Heading 1 style for the main sections of your report, such as Computer 1, Computer 2, Software, etc.
    • Bullets or numbering when presenting any listed information (such as specifications for each computer).
  • You must cite all websites and sources used/consulted to formulate your decision.
  • You will locate two computers to present to your friend in your project.
    • Please do not choose two computers from the same manufacturer, such as Dell.
    • Please choose computers that are at differing price points since you are unsure how much he wishes to spend.
    • You may select any type of computer, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • For each computer located, please provide the following information:
    • Specifications (manufacturer, hard drive capacity, processor speed, etc.)
    • At least one picture
    • Price
    • 3-5 Pros (things that are favorable) and any cons (things that are not favorable) if they exist about the computer
    • Reasoning behind this choice as a possibility for your friend
      • What makes this computer a good purchase for the price?
      • What are others saying about this computer?
      • How is this computer suited to his needs?
    • Make sure that you THOROUGHLY present each computer so that your friend can make an informed decision about which computer best suits his needs without any additional information from you.
    • Please make sure your explanations contain terminology and concepts explained in the textbook.
      • Bad Example of Explanation: This computer has a big hard drive.
      • Good Example of Explanation: This computer has a 500 GB hard drive, which provides enough storage capacity to store all of your pictures, videos, documents, etc.
  • Other items you will research for your friend:
    • An inkjet printer
      • You will provide the specifications for the printer, price, and a few reasons why this printer is best for your friend’s needs in college.
    • An operating system
      • If your system comes with an operating system (most do), you won’t have to find an additional option.
      • You will provide the basic system requirements to run the OS, as well as an explanation as to why you chose this particular OS and why it is needed for your friend’s computer.
    • A security suite
      • You will provide the basic system requirements to run the software, as well as explain why this is needed on your friend’s computer. Discuss the dangers of having a computer connected to the Internet without this software and the potential things that could happen.
    • 5 software applications that a college student might benefit from having
      • You will provide the basic system requirements to run each piece of software.
      • You must also answer the following three questions for each piece of software:
        • What does the program do?
        • Why is this application useful to a college student?
        • Why did you choose it over all the other programs available?
  • In the event that your friend does not like your recommendations, you will create a list of the 5 things you believe your friend should look for if he decides to go shop on his own.
    • Examples of things you might want to tell him: What should he look for in a computer processor? How much capacity should his hard drive have?
    • Remember that his computer knowledge is very limited, so be clear about what he should look for and why it is important.
  • Please cite your sources in either APA or MLA format and provide the URL link to the source if using a web resource. (Search on line for free citation generator to cite your sources quickly.)
  • Please cite your sources at the end of your project.

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