Nature and Biological Processes Discussion Questions

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“Science shows you the inside of things, the parts most people never see. And once you’ve seen the inside of things, the outside of things never looks quite the same. Science raises issues that make you stop and think – issues like thymuses and parasites that make people crazy, issues like the character of self and the chemistry of fear, things like orchids and syphilis. And science gives to the world a certain symmetry that, real or not, I find pleasing.”Callahan, Gerald N.. Faith, Madness and Spontaneous Human Combustion. New York: Berkley Books, 2003.

Discussion Question 1: How has your perspective changed? How do you “think”, “feel” and “understand” differently now after the completion of this course? Will the new scientific knowledge you have gained impact your behavior or attitude?  Can you see how the study of biology is related to real life? 

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