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Must be able to pass all originality tests. 

1.  Evaluate
the overall importance of the National Labor Relations Board. Next, summarize
the pertinent details of the case that you have selected, and give your opinion
of the Board’s decision and the fairness of the outcome. Support your response
with specific details from the selected case.

2.  Evaluate
the overall importance of OSHA. Next, give your opinion of whether OSHA offers
enough protection or overregulates the safety of workers. Support your response
with specific details from the selected news story.

3.  Think
about two (2) organizations for which you have worked or were associated, or
two (2) in which you are interested, or two (2) with which you are familiar.
Analyze their organizational culture. Describe the significant differences in
your leadership style as you implement the change in each organization. Explain
how the differences in organizational culture would impact your leadership

4.  View
the video titled “John Kotter – Resistance to Change” (3 min 36 s) below. You
may also view the video at
Conclude whether or not Kotter believes that all individuals who are resistant
to change can gradually be “won over” in cases of significant change. Discuss
the implications, according to Kotter, of resistance to the change process.

5.  Create
a scenario or event in an organization (i.e., safety, training, or another
issue) using a low-quality after-action review. Next, speculate on the major
negative effects within the organization if the same scenario or event were to
reoccur. Support your response with at least two (2) examples of the identified
negative effects.

6.  Watch
the video titled “AAR (After Action Review) Definition & Explanation” (2
min 43 s), located below. You may also view the video at
Next, using the reoccurrence of the scenario or event from part one of the
discussion, change the low-quality to a high-quality after-action review. Then,
suggest the most important lessons-learned using the high-quality after-action
review method as an adopted business practice.

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