Mythology 4 Lab Questions

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please include both the questions and answers in the word document 🙂

Imaginary Beasts

Guardians and Good Luck Charms


  1. Describe the mythological centaur. What did it look like? What did it represent?
  2. Describe one famous centaur from mythology. What were the characteristics of this particular centaur? What myths are connected to this particular centaur?
  3. What is a sphinx? What did a sphinx represent in Egyptian mythology?
  4. Many mythical creatures appear to have some connection to real animals. Describe an example of this. Why do you think people saw mythical creatures instead of real animals?
  5. Describe at least one way that mythological creatures have been used as a source of good luck or protection.

Rainbow Serpent


  1. What was the rainbow serpent myth?
  2. What are some elements of the rainbow serpent that may match to existing snakes today?
  3. Why do you think the ancient Australians used a snake in order to tell their creation myth?

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