music the middle ages

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Week 4 (October 22 – October 28) Chapter 4- The Middle Ages; Chapter 5 The Renaissance

Chapter 4- The Middle Ages

Now, its time to see how music has progressed from basically the fall of the Roman Empire to what we hear now. In order to do this, we must start with the Middle Ages. This week, you will get to know what was happening in the Middle Ages, how it affected the music of the time, and the characteristics of the music.

Chapter 5- The Renaissance

The late middle ages into the Renaissance is a somewhat blurry line. People didn’t wake up on January 1, 1400 and decide it was time for a new era of art, music, literature and overall outlook on life. Going from era to era is a slow progression. You will see what historical events affected life in the Renaissance, and subsequently music. And you will see how music develops through the Renaissance (and the characteristics of Renaissance Music).

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