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Hi I need help here in this test, I got 83 in the first attempt please in need you help

1- In a piece of music, if there is one melody, no accompanying sound, no harmony, and no chords, that piece of music can be described using what term?




2-Match each term with its definition. One term will not be used.

1- Form

2- Theme

3- Ternary

4- Binary

A- A musical form consisting of two contrasting sections.

B- A musical form consisting of a beginning section, a contrasting middle section, and then a repeat of the beginning section.

C- The organization of musical ideas in time.

D- An important and returning melody in a musical composition.

3-Which of the following is not a difference between a major and a minor scale?

A major scale has a different pattern of whole and half step intervals than a minor scale.

A minor scale has a greater number of lowered (flatted) notes than a major scale.

Broadly speaking, a major scale sound happier or more uplifting than a minor scale, which sounds sadder and moody.

4-Ternary form describes three-part music in which all three parts are completely different.


5-The major scale has a number of lowered notes, which give it a “sadder” sound when compared with the minor scale.


6-A written notation in music, used to help the performer identify if a piece is in major or minor, is called the

Time Signature



7-Monophony uses a solo voice, it cannot occur simultaneously in multiple instruments


8-If your entire class sings the melody to “Sweet Home Alabama” simultaneously and does not add harmony, the class has created _____.




9-Which of these scales do composers use to create dissonance for special, dramatic effects?




10-A woman starts singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” and when she gets to the third word, a second woman starts singing the same song from the beginning. What is this called?




11-The term used to describe a central note, scale, or chord is




12-A singer accompanying themself with chords on a guitar is performing which type of music?



13-When talking about a primary melodic line we can also the term



vertical time

14-What key was historically assumed to have a warm and lush quality?

C minor

F-sharp chromatic

15-The musical texture that is defined by independence and equality among multiple voices is


Theme and Variations


16-A musical composition cannot include both polyphonic and homophonic textures.


17-Binary form can incorporate any of these formations: AB, AABB, AAB, or ABB


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