Modern, U.S. Foreign Policy Doctrines

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Modern, U.S. Foreign Policy Doctrines

Since the 1900s most U.S. presidents have explained their foreign policy goals and interests through the use of a presidential, foreign policy doctrine. From Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality to the Bush doctrine of military preemption, presidents have introduced foreign policy doctrines to best serve U.S. interests abroad.

Many foreign policy doctrines such as the Monroe, Truman, and Bush doctrines dictated wholesale diplomatic and military actions. In contrast to Truman’s doctrine of Cold War ‘containment’ the Bush doctrine stated that the United States will actively intervene overseas in order to safeguard American interests. U.S. military actions in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia demonstrate this new resolve.

Directions: Select one U.S. presidential, foreign policy doctrine.

  • Provide a brief summary of the foreign policy doctrine.
  • Explain the historical circumstances that produced the military doctrine.
  • Provide a specific example when the military doctrine was utilized.
  • Analyze the short term and long term result of this specific example.
  • Evaluate the foreign policy doctrine in terms of U.S. self-interest and America’s international reputation.

Can you make response each person posted below.

1. From: Natalie Shermer posted Mar 31, 2018 6:04 PM

I chose the Eisenhower Doctrine-

The Eisenhower Doctrine was opened in January 1957. Eisenhower proclaimed all Americans should be escorted and or be given an assistant by the military for economic assistance.

In this way, Eisenhower would protect American’s from any armed threats if necessary. This demand was made at the appointed time caused by an attack from the Middle East. It was the United States military’s responsibility to defend the public by transporting them to Lebanon to guard the political independence.

The Eisenhower doctrine went into effect in 1958. It was requested in Lebanon where then, Camille Chamoun was the president. Chamoun was in dire need of support from the U.S. to evade all real threats and any attacks by Chamoun’s enemies.

Eisenhower honored Chamouns’ request and initiated a response with the U.S. military being available to help and protect Lebanon. The U.S’ goal was to defend not just their own people, but also Lebanon’s by sending our troops to Lebanon in support of aiding Chamoun’s government from hostile attacks from the Middle East.


2. From: Stephenie Welch posted Mar 30, 2018 8:25 PM

In 1969 president Richard Nixon implemented the Nixon Doctrine also known as the Guam Doctrine. This took place during the time that the Vietnam War drain the United States of any and all available resources and many soldiers have been lost. President Richard Nixon made the Nixon Doctrine to remove the American troops on the ground to best protect our interest in military yet we continued to support the cause. In result the United States sold firearms in trade with Iran in Israel and this is when the dispute over the oil being and when I ran decided to raise the price of oil to attempt and make up the difference between the phones that has spent on arms from the United States intern making the United States pay more. This is where the first attempts at the stabilization of the Middle East started trying to set up the Middle East at best interest although the United States was negatively affected economically.

World Politics


3. Johnny King posted Mar 30, 2018 2:24 PM

I chosen President Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine to discuss. In an interview with Jeffery Goldberg of The Atlantic President Obama was asked what was his stance of foreign policy. President Obama laid out key elements of his approach to foreign policy. There is much in it with which one can agree. “Don’t do stupid shit” makes sense as an axiom of foreign policy or of any policy, for that matter as does taking deliberate and strategic decisions about when to engage American military power.I can remember when President Obama drew a so call red line for the Syria President if he use chemical weapons on his own people. Well as we all know Syria’s President did use chemical weapons on his people and the United States did nothing about it. I would guess in fear of Russia’s support for the rouge regime. The United States must maintain a strong credibility through out the world for peace sake. If A foreign government fail to follow the rules of humanity, the the world superpowers must hold them accountable by all means necessary. If military action are warranted then so be it. President Obama was a strong supporter on the war on terrorism. His administration policies against terrorist helped keep us safe from terrorist attacks. President Obama protected the U.S from foreign threats and protected U. S. interest around the world.

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