MGT 331 international strategy

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I need a power point presentation for this article down below and a word page explaining the presentation and here are some some questions and instruction for the presentation


You are required to summarize the online module and articles for each IBS workshop folder. The summary is led by a group effort. For each IBS Workshop discussion date, one group will be in charge of summarizing the material for the region. You are to summarize the module and the articles in the folder. The students leading do not have to submit a paper online. However, they are expected to discuss their answers in class. In addition, the group leading is expected to answer questions from the instructor and other groups not presenting (two questions from each group not presenting). Each workshop folder is open a week to the IBS workshop module date and closes on 8am of discussion day (Except Module on Asia because of Spring break, will be closed on March 7th at 8am).

For students leading discussion for the week:

You are required to discuss your summary of the workshop folder in relation to what your group is doing for the project. Discuss a short summary of the module and the articles from the previous workshop day. You can either use a PowerPoint presentation or just lead the discussion by engaging to the class. You DO NOT have to turn in a paper submission on Blackboard just come as a group to present your findings.

A.For the article summary, your presentation can address these:

  1. What the article is about
  2. How would you relate the articles (and information from the module) to: a) the current situation in the region and b) a topic you have learnt in class
  3. What was interesting to you about the articles? Mention something fascinating about the articles.

B.Now that you have watched the module, your presentation can address these:

  1. Suggest a product, service, or operation that you would be willing to introduce into any of the countries in the region.
  2. Using any two of the topics we have discussed in class until date, suggest how you would enter/expand into this region.
  3. Suggest benefits to entering the region.
  4. Suggest costs to entering the region.
  5. What potential threats do you foresee in the region?
  6. What one “strategy” would you use to enter the region and why? (you may select one country in the region)

For students NOT in charge of discussing/presenting the module for that date:

Each student must submit one page answers to questions that will be given online (short paragraphs for each question). Your submission should also include two questions you would ask the teams presenting.

Check for the questions in each workshop folder available on Blackboard. Submit your answers in the submission link in the workshop folder.

All students should come prepared to discuss in class

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