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1. What is the difference between the supply chain and the marketing channel of distribution relative to the Tesla Model 3? Be as detailed and specific as possible in your answer. Explain in a manner with as many specifics as possible, how the Tesla Model 3 is distributed to the targeted consumers by describing the channels of distribution that are used and why.

2. Consider the ethical issues surrounding your distribution channels. What are the differences between retailing and wholesaling in your industry and the industry that produces the Tesla Model 3. 

3. Do you consider the Tesla Model 3 to be distributed via B2B, B2C, or both types of marketing channels of distribution and how do you perceive these channels to operate?

4. What impact might the Wheel of Retailing have on the marketing of the Tesla Model 3 for this assignment?

5. What might atmospherics have on the marketing of the Tesla Model 3 for this week’s assignment?

6. In what ways does the distribution of tangible and intangible products differ when it comes to Internet product distribution? Please provide specific examples to support your position.

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