marketing plan

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  • i attached 2 files, one is case study and secoend file is assignment brife
  • Identify, formulate and justify adequately, the constituent elements of your marketing plan and propose acceptable strategic recommendations to take the organisation forward.
  • Apply an in-depth knowledge of marketing theories to evaluate, to an acceptable level, alternative solutions in solving problems.
  • Satisfactorily adapt your strategy, introducing and involving high level activities relating to data collection, analyses, synthesis, and reporting for complex purpose

The word limit is 1,600 words excluding cover page, references in the bibliography and the appendices. Your cover page must have your full name and ID number.

All work should be word processed using either Times New Roman or Ariel font, with line spacing of 1½ and justified.

References must include academic sources.

No more than 50% of references may be from the internet.

Marketing Plan for SPAR (Oman)

The Marketing Plan Task:

SPAR International is expanding rapidly in the Omani market and aims to build on its established reputation of ‘customer service excellence’. First launched in 2014, SPAR Supermarket at present has more than 22 stores across Oman. According to the CEO of SPAR international, “SPAR’s success story in Oman has been possible because of customers’ acceptance, which has been driven by the four core values of freshness, choice, value and excellent customer service”. In 2016, SPAR Oman opened its 10th SPAR Supermarket, which saw the brand entering Madinat Darsait for the first time. SPAR, Oman is keen on expanding its sales and achieving market growth.

As a Marketing Consultant, you have been approached by the CEO of the SPAR (Oman) to develop a Marketing Plan which will enable the company to achieve even better customer satisfaction and increase in sales over the next three years. Your focus should be on SPAR Supermarkets.

To help with the development of your Marketing Plan Task, you have been provided with a case study generated from recent articles on SPAR, Oman. Please, note that you are expected to conduct further research on SPAR, Oman.

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