Marketing memo

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The Marketing Department created some of our most popular courses (Consumer Information in a Digital Age; Marketing Metrics; Social Media Strategy) based in part on input from past marketing interns. This assignment is a memo to Dr. Kiesler but really to the full faculty in marketing. I see this memo as a win/win assignment that allows me to evaluate your writing and critical thinking skills, while allowing you a voice that may impact future students.

Here’s what to cover in your memo:

  1. Which knowledge, skills, and/or abilities gained from your CSUN classes were most useful to you in your current internship?
  2. Is there anything (knowledge, skills, abilities) you learned at your internship that you think critical enough to be covered in a marketing class at CSUN (that as far as you are aware, isn’t currently covered)?
    • If yes, be explicit about what should be covered (what knowledge, which skills) and in which class(es) would they best be covered. Explain why.
    • If no, please provide at least one suggestion for CURRICULUM (course) improvement to our department. Provide implementation details and explain why the benefits of implementing your suggestion outweigh the costs associated with it.
  3. Please note that some things may be better covered in American Marketing Association meetings and AMA workshops rather than in an academic class. If you have some suggestions that better fit the AMA than the CSUN academic Marketing curriculum, please share those too.
  4. Is there anything else you think the faculty should know that could improve our curriculum for future students?

Write your memo in the form of paragraphs (not numbered answers to the questions above). Please proofread it (this should go without saying). A note to consider: Other MKT professors will be reading your memo as well as Dr. K. Submit your memo in hard-copy form in class

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