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As part of the course, you will be asked to manage a project. It is worth 120 points toward your final grade. You will need to use Project Software. You can use Microsoft Excel, Libre, or your own organization’s project management software. Please follow the instructions listed below.

Course Project Book Instructions

  • Brainstorm a project.
    • Select something you are very familiar with.
    • The project should take the executing team at least 160 hours to complete and require at least four skill sets (people) in the execution phase (e.g., carpenter, electrician, heavy equipment operator, plumber, etc.).
  • You are the planning and executing Project Manager. You will create the project plan to use as a blueprint; then you will simulate the project halfway through the execution phase (i.e., 50% done). You simulate the project through that timeline to demonstrate the amount of resources, time, and budget used to that point.
  • You must submit the name of the project (e.g., build a home for resale, develop a social network site, replace a software system, etc.) to your instructor in the form of a Work Request.
  • Your final course project book will contain all of the documents listed in the final Course Project Book Table of Contents.
  • You will turn in the project as a series of electronic documents (Word documents or PDFs) in the same order of the Table of Contents


The following MS Word documents are required in your final project. They must be complete and accurate (realistic) in relation to your project

The following are the associated Microsoft Excel work and templates.

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