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1.Technology has impacted forecasting by lowering the time in which it takes to come up with an answer. Additionally, it created a database to which the information can be kept and also expand upon. Technology has allowed people to receive information and spread the word at remarkable rates. In a way, it enhanced the accuracy of forecasting. The variables that are unseen are very few now because of the information you are now exposed to.

2.One of the trade offs mentioned in the text was about continuing with a product despite the bugs it may have. We see this often with cars. Due to the pressures of having to release a vehicle, you get a “factory recall” notice in the mail stating that there’s something wrong with your vehicle. At this point, the car has already been through many stages of its development, purchase and usage. They knew once they released the car that it was a faulty product. However, to cut cost and increase production they decided to release the vehicle anyway.

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