M2 Assignment 3 Submission

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For the course project, you will write a five-paragraph essay on a chosen topic presenting an informed, cohesive opinion.

In M1: Assignment 3, you selected your topic and in M2: Assignment 1, you developed a thesis statement for your essay. Now you will write your introduction.

Use your opening paragraph to introduce your topic. Your opening
paragraph (introduction) is crucial because it will end with your thesis
statement. It will include other information that will gain your
reader’s interest and guide your reader through the paper.

To get the reader’s interest, you can use one of these attention-grabbing techniques at the start of the introductory paragraph:

    • An interesting story or anecdote
    • A controversial question
    • A startling fact or statistic
    • A quotation
    • A little-known fact, myth, or misconception
    • Questions arising from your thesis that you want to answer

Write the introductory paragraph for your essay. Be sure to:

    • Begin with an attention-grabbing technique
    • Provide any necessary background information
    • End with the thesis statement
    • Use proper grammar and spelling

Before you turn in your introduction paragraph, submit it to
On-Demand Tutoring for feedback. Review the feedback received and update
your paragraph before submitting it to your instructor in M2: Assignment 3. This is optional, but can help you improve your assignment grade and your writing skills.

You will need to submit your draft to On-Demand Tutoring at least two days before
your assignment is due. This will allow enough time for you to receive
feedback, make changes, and submit your new paragraph by the due date.

Follow these steps to contact the On-Demand Tutoring Writing Center:

  • From the top-navigation Help menu, click Academic Resources.
  • Click Tutorial Services.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to submit your paragraph. Be
    sure to mention anything you want the tutor to look at specifically.

Submit Your Introduction

Save your 6- to 8-sentence introductory paragraph in Microsoft Word format.

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