Los Angeles Mission College Sustainability Education Report

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For your Community Engagement Project, you will be working with one of the three Community
Partner Organizations available for volunteering this semester in Ecology and People: The Food
Garden of the CSUN Institute of Sustainability, Heal the Bay or the California Seaweed Festival.
1) If you are able to go to campus, work with the Food Garden.
2) Heal the Bay has a great website for volunteers: https://healthebay.org/take-part/.
Look at the sections on Give Time, Give Voice and Marine Debris Tracking. You can use
the Marine Debris Tracker App anywhere in California. You don’t have to be on an LA
County Beach.
3) If you are not able to work hands-0n with one of those organizations and need a
remote placement, The California Seaweed Festival puts on events in the Fall and has a
few opportunities for remote work in the Spring semester.

Your Report should include the following elements:
Briefly describe the Community Partner Organization’s mission. What are they trying to do?
What problem does their work solve? Education is part of their mission. What information do
they want to communicate and to whom? How can volunteers help fulfill their goals? How are
you going to contribute to the mission of the organization you are going to work with? Your
volunteer contributions will be unique. What to you bring to the organization in terms of skills,
interests, location and or perspective?

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