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In the early years after the Revolutionary War, many of the important politicians had opposing views about the country’s future. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson’s visions, in particular, are often compared.

Alexander Hamilton envisioned the United States as a risk-taking country. As such, he supported financial diversity in terms of investing in the development of various economic sectors, included farming, industrial manufacturing, merchants, and banking. Hamilton viewed the private sector as a necessary partner of the government. At the time, private businesses were viewed as enemies of the government. According to Hamilton, the country would benefit greatly from both the public and private sector working together. He also wanted to abolish slavery believing it to be barbaric as well as an obstacle to national unity and social cohesion.

Thomas Jefferson had a completely different vision for the nation’s future. According to him, farming was the only way that America could retain its independence. Jefferson viewed America as an agrarian nation where white people owned and cultivated the land. He was against industrial manufacturing because he believed it would cause class conflict. The division between the working class and the upper class meant that the lower class would never be independent enough to participate in a republican government.

In the end, Hamilton’s ideas superseded Thomas Jefferson’s. A unified nation appealed more to people than a nation benefitting only one community. Similarly, economic diversification was more sustainable than an economy based on a single industry.

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