LGBT dissent in America

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Analyze a dissent movement in American history from 1607 to 1980. An essential part of this paper is that you must quote at least TWO relevant primary sources from the speeches, letters, pamphlets or ephemera, published or documented by the people that appear in your paper (for example, newspaper advertisements pertaining to the Underground Railroad or letters written by Harriet Tubman). Begin the paper with a brief overview of dissent during that particular era and then go into a deeper analysis of what you believe to be significant about the dissenter or movement you have chosen. Argue a convincing case why the person or movement you chose is important and what impact she, he, or it had on American history. Dissent in America contains a number of significant documents that you can quote from, but do not be confined only to those documents. Check with me if you’d like to have further guidance into other sources that would elucidate the thesis you want to present.

Second resources from outline

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