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INSTRUCTIONS: Please RESPOND to this answer from the Point of view as a student. Use credible sources and respond as if you are a member of a marketing agency. Tell this student what your agency would think of each of these answers:

Leadership is all about responsibility. Responsible leadership ensures the effectiveness of strategic management process. It provides the base line for strategic thinking and by providing vision it directs the organization towards strategy formulation. Leader is a person who possesses a clear vision in his/ her mind and also has the power to manage a team of people that can help to translate vision into reality. Leader is someone who can identify the need of situation and understand what is required now and in future. It is the duty of the leader to provide the instructions or directions to meet the requirements of situation. The most important role of leadership is to determine the goals and formulation of strategies related to those goals.

Leadership plays a vital role in the formulation and implementation of strategies. It is considered as a link that relates the strategic management process with the organization’s vision. It starts up the strategic thinking by providing vision then it establishes a culture in which everyone knows what to do, what are the values of the firm. Basically values provide the direction. It is the duty of leadership to introduce the values or a corporate culture. It is the vision of leader that provides base line for strategy formulation and its commitment ensure the implementation of strategy. Strategies can’t be implemented without the involvement of every one. Change should be communicated to everyone and should contribute their effort to efficiently implement the strategies. Only good leadership can inspire and motivate the people to bring change (Azhar, et al., n.d.).

My company, Institute, leaders have very clear vision and mission as to where they want to see the company in five years. They communicate this through company intranet, town hall meetings, and other social gatherings. They make sure all staff is aware of the company mission and vision which doesn’t get lost in day to day work. Also, in meetings, they constantly remind everyone by setting up goals, aspirations as to where they like to be and how they will get there. Another great quality of the leaders is that they will give detailed explanation on how each group will help company to get there.

To become a CEO requires education, experience. Gender, nationality, race etc. also will make a difference on resume. It also requires tolerance of ambiguity to perceive the situations as promising rather than threatening. In some respects, personality traits are also important. Now a day, international skills also will put person in top of the pool (Carpenter & Sanders, p. 38, 2008). In Institute, most of the leaders have international experience which is very much needed in today’s global economy. They all have graduate or doctorate level education and comprehensive experience in their fields. They all have very good soft skills but at the same time, risk takers with precautions and acknowledge hard work. One example of that is last year all the employees were given extra bonus due to great company performance which they could have easily spent somewhere else specially in these economic times.

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